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Dopesick Fly

The lyrically explosive, musically diverse, Alternative Funk Rock Hybrid known as Dopesickfly emanate an upbeat feel good vibe inviting everyone to join in with catchy hooks and to dance their hearts out! There’s a confidence and power to the band’s live set that at times can be mesmerizing. They are Encouraging & sing of life connecting to all ages of people, making music for the people!

Front man Lead singer/poet ANT THOMAZ hailing from Louisiana brings this collective together with his Soulful Poetic melodies. The diverse Scottish members begin with Funk master on guitar Chris Darling with Malagueñas (Flamenco) flavour. Drummer Calum McCrae introduces the Jazz background, while elevating a Neo Soul sound is Joe Djaelani on bass and completing and adding soulful Bluesy vocals is Wendy Rae.

DOPESICKFLY – Top 10 Bands to watch in 2017.’ Capital FM June 2017 Winners of the Danny Kyle Open Stage at Celtic Connections 2017

Supported ‘Kool & The Gang’, Chic & Nile Rodgers & ‘Nicky Siano’ (Studio 54) 2017 Supported The Sugar Hill Gang 2017

Supported Ray Harris & The Fusion experience Supported for Raleigh Ritchie 2016 Toured with Akua Naru (JackRocks) Tour 2016

Dopesick Fly
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