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Zumba with Nadia Alkoc

Nadia Alkoc is a Zumba Fitness presenter and licensed Zumba Jammer. A Zumba Jammer (ZJ) is a Zumba instructor who has been handpicked by the creator of Zumba Fitness, Beto Perez, to host Zumba choreography sessions for other instructors.

Nadia is an experienced instructor, teaching fitness in Scotland for 15 years, and holds classes locally in Edinburgh and West Lothian. She also travels around the UK and beyond to present Zumba Fitness masterclasses. She comes from a musical theatre and dance background, having trained at stage school in England.

Nadia believes that dance fitness is for everybody and likes to make classes fun and accessible. Whether you have never danced before or are experienced, it doesn’t matter - Nadia believes you can have fun, get sweaty and feel great after class. During lockdown, Nadia taught a lot of virtual classes and the participants commented on the benefit to their mental health. These classes are still running, and great for those who may not feel ready to come to a live class.

FB Zumba Nadia - Edinburgh

Instagram and Tik Tok: @zjnadia

Zumba with Nadia Alkoc
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